Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before I get into blogging, I'd like to explain what I'm doing and why.

What I'm blogging about: Throughout the week, I will be trying a new beer I've never tried, listening to an album that I've never listened to (in it's entirity), watching a movie I've never seen, and eating a food that I've never eaten. I'll generally try and post on Monday nights since Sunday/Monday are my two days off a week. Gives me an opportunity to do things on those two days and write a summary of it by the end of Monday. With the music, I may have heard a song or two off the album but if I haven't heard it all, then it will count. Same with a movie such as The Godfather or Taxi Driver where I've only seen parts of it. Same with food as well. It doesn't have to be a new restaurant, it could be something as simple as going to a place I've been many times but just getting an item I've never tried.

Reason As To Why I'm Doing This: Throughout my entire life, I've always been someone that's been afraid of change, trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone. With some recent events in my life, it became a huge wake up call and that I needed to change. I need to get out of that bubble that I put myself into and branch out. I figured what better way to do that then to try all these new things and document them.

So that's basically it. This is me trying to do my little part to make myself a better person and a better man and open up to new and exciting things. I may not like something I've drank, listened to, watched or eaten but atleast I can say that I've experienced it.

And isn't that what this world is about? Experiences.

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